A life simulator game

Complete quests to earn ANNA. Stake them to earn LOVE. The first user to get 10k LOVE claims ownership of this game.

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Stake ANNA to earn LOVE

Learn web3, enjoy digital art, grow your assets and most importantly have fun at the same time! There will be only one champion.
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The all inclusive DeFi protocol

Check out our roadmap to see the release dates and features

Provide liquidity into ANNA's Dex to earn trading fees. Additionally use LP tokens to stake and make juicy ANNA rewards.

Meet our team

The team behind ANNA are super talented, dedicated and passionate. If you share the same ambitions, check out the career section or contact us about open vacancies.

    • "This project is somewhat special to me. Something really meaningful and close to my heart."

    • "The blockchain technology exites me. An amazing team to work with and a meaningful project to work on. What more is there to ask?"

      Web3 developer
    • "I am not a technical person but luckily web3 is not all about coding. Chat me up in discord and lets talk."

      Content manager

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Buy ANNA and start earning LOVE. It's that simple. What's your excuse?


Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, join our discord or drop us an email.

    • What are ANNA tokens?

      ANNA are ERC20 tokens are the main currency that is used within this protocol for staking, transaction payments and other services.

    • What do I do with the ANNA token?

      ANNA tokens can be staked in the staking pool to earn 2 types of rewards.

    • What are the rewards for staking ANNA tokens?

      Staking ANNA tokens allows the protocol to share its profits with the holders. Furthermore, staking ANNA tokens rewards holders with LOVE tokens that allows some individual to claim ownership of the entire ecosystem once he has obtained 10k LOVE tokens.

    • How does the protocol make money?

      There are various revenue streams e.g. DEX exchange, marketplace, partnerships and revenue generated from ANNA offerings such as educational couses, crypto index funds, binary options etc.

    • What are LOVE tokens?

      They are ERC20 tokens with a fixed supply of 29.99k. LOVE tokens measure your progress and cannot be initially bought but only earned via staking ANNA tokens via the staking pool. The ownership of the entire ANNA ecosystem shall be claimed by the first user with 10k LOVE tokens.

    • Which network is ANNA operating on?

      We are currently on Goerli testnet and plan to launch on Mainnet in Spring 2023. The chains that we would like to launch on but are not limited to are Polygon, Fantom and BSC.

    • How do I get started?

      Check out our gitBook and guides to get familiar with the protocol, our mission and vision. Once you are happy, buy ANNA and let's DeFi!


FEB 2023: MVP and core design

MAR 2023: University, challenges and games

APR 2023: Marketplace

MAY 2023: Additional features

JUN 2023: ICO Partnerships & Sponsorships

JUL 2023: Mainnet launch

AUG 2023: Community inclusion and governance

further timeline and features to be released